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Undergraduate: University of Nebraska–Lincoln Medical School: University of Kansas School of Medicine Fun fact: In another life, I would like to be a member of the symphony, or have a career in musical theater.

Pediatrics Residency Program Medical Education Office Children's Corporate Center 999 N.

Zbig Blonski, from New Malden Future Group, said: "No decisions have been made, these are just our ideas looking at what New Malden needs to revitalise it. "We want to get New Malden off its knees and get it standing on its own two feet." He added the group has held a positive meeting with council planners and were told further public consultations would take place during Malden Fortnight.

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Korboński was lucky enough to avoid being captured once again, in April 1953, when a close acquaintance of his (known by his pseudonym “Stawiński”), collaborating with the Polish political police, was – as part of an operation codenamed Apis” – to lure him into coming to Eastern Berlin where Korboński was to be captured by the Soviet counter-espionage service and brought back to Poland.

Fortunately, Korboński did not decide to leave Western Berlin.

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