Creating self updating applications with the net framework

If new assemblies are detected on the server, the application could notify the user and ask if they wanted to update the application.

If the user indicates "Yes," then the application would launch the update application and shut itself down.

Those of you who have done this before, I would appreciate any advice on what pitfalls to look out for. I did forget to mention some of the most important details.

Also I would be interested in any online resources that anyone found helpful in addressing similar requirements. It will be a Window applications, written using the . get Version(Installation ID): returns release version to be installed and hash of all files get File List(Version ID): gets a list of files and file hashes for the release get File(File ID): gets one file Pros: By coding logic into your get Version method, you can push different versions to different customers and it also allows you to push beta releases to a limited amount of customers first.

You can deploy the complete set of application files in any way you like.

Now, if you wanted to have an application check for updates while it's running, you could use the same code that the updater uses while the application is running.So, my question is, is there away to get a windows application (exe) which is already loaded, to copy a new version of itself across the network, then shut down, and then load the new copy? John, You have the right idea, but to make this work you need to have a slight shift in thinking.I've done a couple of Smart Client applications and have used a loader application that executes prior to the actual application.You can choose not to distribute it with your application's files.You should, however, save it in the event that you want to debug the Release build of your app.

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