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” “I’d love to.” He answered cynically “A-Aaron is t-that y-you?

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I was taken to accident and emergency at St Thomas' Hospital, where I was told I'd had a heart attack and underwent an emergency bypass.

Two days later, I had a stroke - a blood clot travelled up from my heart into my brain.

The manager above the platform saw what was happening and, thank goodness, called an ambulance.

I couldn't speak, and the paramedic who raced down the platform immediately gave me aspirin - to thin my blood and prevent a blood clot - and also gave me oxygen, quite possibly saving my life.

” the leader said in a mocking tone “Y-y-y-y-yesss.” “Well, too bad next time you won’t meddle in other people’s affairs.” “W-w-w-well t-t-there w-won’t b-be a-a n-next t-time n-now w-will t-there.” “Hm you’re right.” “Now since I’m nice I’ll let you choose how you want to die.” “I-I-I d-don’t c-care.” Talking became really hard so I tried my best not to speak as much “Well if you don’t tell me it won’t be fun.” The leader had suddenly turned into a sadist and was speaking in a very mocking tone. ” I could tell by his voice that he was getting really aggravated Splash!

” “Well if you just answered when you were spoken to you’d be dead by now.” The more I heard his voice the more it became familiar.

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This light-skinned lady is unarguably one of the best screen goddess Ghana has ever produced but her relationship with men has always been with issues.The middle child and only female out of the three Russo siblings.She is sly, outgoing, and usually underachieves when it comes to regular high school.When I opened my mouth to speak, I found the same thing was happening to me: I was speaking in a bizarre foreign tongue. My memory hadn't been affected, and I knew why I was in hospital.I'd been at Waterloo Station, on my way home from work, when I suddenly felt a dreadful pain across my chest.

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