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The term "Post-Sumerian" is meant to refer to the time when the language was already extinct and preserved by Babylonians and Assyrians only as a liturgical and classical language for religious, artistic and scholarly purposes.

The extinction has traditionally been dated approximately to the end of the Third Dynasty of Ur, the last predominantly Sumerian state in Mesopotamia, about 2000 BC.

The IFM differed from other opposition groups in that it had no connection to the church and was consequently not protected by the church, either.Browse the main sections to get listings of construction machinery, handling equipment or trucks and light-duty vehicles. Use the search engine above and get all the matching materials on the website. Place your ad online now and get calls of interested buyers from all around the world.You may also set up a wanted alert for your heavy machinery and be automatically updated when a matching advertisement is placed on Machinery Zone. Machinery Zone also offer specific products and services to enhance your online visibility to construction industry specialists. "native tongue") is the language of ancient Sumer and a language isolate that was spoken in southern Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq).During the 3rd millennium BC, an intimate cultural symbiosis developed between the Sumerians and the Akkadians, which included widespread bilingualism.

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