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I am assigning no blame to the women who I have dated.

Noong Mayo 2010 humantong ang karahasan sa pagkasawi ng higit 90 katao.Second, when you compare this account with his replies to similar questions which were recorded the day after the event, a characteristic Duchovnian Emotional Register Transfer has occurred: from a purely emotional and relational register (one of “the best nights of his life,” you will recall) he now frames the entire reply as a neutral reconstruction of circumstance and setting.While this is frequently observed in the subject as the number of retellings of a given story increases over time, here it must also coincide with his clearly expressed discontent about the way his initial morning-after comments were seized on by fans and media.Each one has resulted in the follow up message of “you’re not the one”.To that, I hoisted a fine gin and tonic and said out loud and confidently, “Next!

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