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Nobody will die here; this is not Wounded Knee, but it is the end of an era.

The modern Republican Party will perish on this stretch of grass.

There are many answers to this question, of course.

But for today, I’d like to pose one theory: Nothing has shifted our culture faster than the spread of viral pornography.

The world’s most profound movements begin with a great enlightenment.

People hear of this epiphany that changes lives, and become disciples to spread the word.

That flawless blonde, whom only the collapse of the Soviet Union could produce? but drill deeper into the file hierarchy, past the MF and FFM and MMF and MMMMMF, beyond the Zenra and Private, the Woodman and Steele and ZONE-sama, the doujinshi and lemon fic, into the farlights of eros, where there was no niche he couldn’t cache: eco-friendly BBWs bukkaked while cemented into sidewalks, flexi Juggalo stepdads cuckolded by butterflies, cum tributes to horses torn in half, spray-painted soup men donkey-punching intersexed Real Dolls.

And now there were canonical sex acts — the sex tape as heroic fucklore in an era of democratized you-porn.Think about it: If over 80% of men and close to half of women are viewing pornography every single month, how can we possibly expect them to be shocked by the exhibitionism and lewdness of the Gay Pride Parade?Within the confines of our homes we are watching thousands upon thousands of naked people committing every sex act imaginable, over and over again, day after day.In one American survey, more than half of pastors copped to having viewed porn in the past year.Many complain that there seems to be a lack of moral leadership on issues surrounding pornography and sexuality within the Christian community and in the culture at large.

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