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Choo and his team also found that Skout collected Facebook data from non-Skout users, and for apps Full Circle and Miu Meet, private images were viewable, which could potentially be exploited by a malicious party.In conclusion, Choo said: “Considering the personal nature of the information and images being shared over Geo Social dating apps, it is disturbing that so much data can be so easily recovered.The average construction period for each plant was only 56 months, more than three times faster than other countries building nuclear plants.

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It didn't take long for Choo's reputation to build.It is also problematic that many users are not aware how much data is being sent, stored and what their data is being used for.Many users would not appreciate their privately shared images and conversations being seen by third parties that they had not consented to.and storing on mobile devices that may be subject to unauthorized access (either physically or remotely) and how this data can be better protected.For example, encrypting sensitive data stored on mobile devices may not resolve the issue of unauthorized access entirely, but it at least provides another layer of difficulty for a physical attacker to break through.

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