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At the center of it were then married couple Jude Law and Sadie Frost.Sex, drugs, and rock & roll: American rock guitarist Anthony Rossomando reveals he had a one-night stand with British supermodel Kate Moss after the White Stripes lead singer told him to do it 'for the USA'Rockers would often hang out in the couple's London home, particularly in their children's playhouse, which was a rather popular spot for playing guitar, having sex, and getting high on MDMA.Ed Westwick has also reportedly broken up with Jessica Szohr.Says the New York Post: “Heartbroken Westwick split with Szohr in an emotional phone call last week after learning from friends she'd been flirting with handsome heir Marco Minuto.

There was a kiddie slide, and in the morning, we'd be all high on MDMA [Ecstasy], in a little kiddie house playing guitars,' he said. Indie singer Har Mar Superstar also revealed how Moss became friendly with members of the Kings of Leon, who he said were 'still really innocent' at the time.'That night, before we went to Sadie's, we were all at a weird bar, dancing, and I was dancing with Kate.

We were really stoned because we were basically always smoking pot. Fab would always play me a song that he had written, some beautiful, romantic song. I think a lot of things they blame Ryan for is stuff the band just doesn’t want to do.

So one night, jokingly, I’m almost certain, Fabby said, “Dude, what if John Mayer was playing that guitar right now? Ryan Gentles: Do you know how many times I begged the Strokes to do some shit and they just said no and it was idiotic and everyone in the world knows they should do it?

Late-breaking Internet rumors have it that Gossip Girl couples Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan and Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr have split. , “Leighton called it quits, because she ‘doesn’t know how to be in a relationship and doesn’t really like them.’” The couple had been dating since at least May 2008—information that gives new perspective to the she-doesn’t-really-like-relationships tidbit.

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