Keeping friends while dating

"We've moved past it since, but I was probably more upset than I should have been.

I've kind of outgrown it now because my longest one died." The thought of putting excessive effort into a little number on a social media account sounds absurd to outsiders.

For the vast majority (over 90 percent), this communication began within a couple of months of the breakup and continued to occur at least once every couple of months."I was considering exchanging numbers, but I decided Snapchat was better," Mendelson said. Geleta wasn't texting his girlfriend to break up with her.He was informing Larkin that the couple's 255 day streak had ended.It was one of those things where it's creating a friendship again, even though I was in college and he was still back at home." The Snapchat "streak," a number that shows up when two people have sent messages back and forth for a consecutive number of days, has emerged as a visual medium to gauge the quality of a relationship.Sometimes, streaks even date back to the very beginning of a relationship. We keep that streak to remind us how long we've known each other." No one had died, or been injured.

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