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Just like the status icons that were removed in the transition from Gaim to Pidgin, they're an added complication that doesn't seem to have any merit.Any time I'm in a busy room like #ubuntu, the only thing I need to see at a glance for any message is whether the speaker is me, someone who's talking to me (prefixing my nick), or someone else.Learn more about My BB's features → The community makes My BB what it is; without the community, My BB would be nothing.

Also, some colors are hard to read, or are the same color as the actual text in the chatroom messages.Each Lesson focuses on a topic and includes vocabulary, grammar, visuals, audio, activities, self-tests and role plays with native speakers. has created a highly interactive, fully functional online dating experience for all Muslim singles - our Muslim chat rooms.“It was really cool, because even if your parents were in the next room, they couldn’t hear what you were talking about because you’re typing on your keyboard.”At AOL’s peak, more than 100 million AOL screen names existed, and users spent over a million hours chatting a year.Of course, celebrities were involved in this new way to connect with the fans.

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