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Shawn Marion's Poker Tournament at The Palms went down last night and we got a few flicks of your fave YBF celebs... Michelle also celebrated her birthday this weekend with Mr. You may not liker her, but considering her circumstances tha child got style. Michelle-Bye, Jill-No No No and Amber looks pretty in pink but that "tat" was so unecessary "get it removed asap" it takes away from your looks and make you look hood so ask Kanye to have it removed other then that Amber looks cute! When he was presenting an award on The ESPYS.I really thought he was gay. start dating a black girl bro that white chick got you looking a little fruity... Having too much confidence may not be as good a thing as people think, Michelle and Gabourey Sidibe are demonstrating the dangers of too much confidence. 1) Jill Marie looks horrible - the wig, the cheap dress, the big shoes, horrible makeup.

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The LAGBAC Foundation supports law students pursuing opportunities with non-profit organizations serving the LGBTQ community. Mandell gave a presentation entitled: “Beyond Child Support: Allocation of Medical, Child Care, Educational and Extracurricular Costs,” discussing how the implementation of the new, “income-shares” child support statute, effective July 1, 2017, will affect the approach of Illinois courts to the division of financial responsibility for “direct pay” child expenses., joined an “all-star panel” of the 2016 class of top forty attorneys at the Chicago Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section CLE event. Managing Partner Leon Finkel, with Partners Peter Sullivan and Myra Foutris, won a major victory in the Illinois Supreme Court on behalf of our client, Donna Tuke.CLEVELAND, OH – OCTOBER 30: Shawn Marion #31 of the Cleveland Cavaliers warms up prior to a game against the New York Knicks at Quicken Loans Arena on October 30, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio.NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.Berger Schatz attorneys, Leon Finkel, Andrew Eichner, Eric J Schwab, Myra Foutris, David Kirsh, Claudia Gallo, Peter Sullivan and Zachary Cohen enjoyed the gala, on July 28, 2017, at Chicago’s Peninsula Hotel. Mandell and Associate Heather Smith Grattan gave a presentation entitled, “Come and Get Me: Interstate Discovery and Subpoena Enforcement” at the 23rd Annual Lake County Bar Association Family Law Conference in Ft. The discussion included advice for career development and work-life balance. In a unanimous decision issued on March 23, 2017, the State’s highest Court ruled in favor of Donna and reversed the appellate court on two issues.It restored (increased) Donna’s maintenance to the amount ordered by the trial court and affirmed the trial court's award of attorneys’ fees to Donna to defend against her former husband’s attempts to lower her maintenance payments.

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