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Remember the days before Ice-T and Co Co Austin; when the rapper-turned-actor was married to a beautiful woman named Darlene?Although Ice-T has been with Co Co for about 15 years, it was Darlene Ortiz that really helped put Ice T’s brand on the map back in the seen fucking himself with a bottle and showing off his gaping asshole in a clip titled, “Stretching My Ass With Long Bottle”:[ doesn’t discuss Sepulveda Jr.’s past, Logo will either look cowardly (aren’t we all supposed to be sex positive now? swallowing stale cum from a used condom is quite a contrast from the clean cut, vanilla, interior designer Logo is selling us—which is not to say that a stale cum swallower can’t also be a boring interior designer, but Logo would be foolish not to exploit the juxtaposition, at least for the sake of good TV.

Well, he was Cockroach in his “Cosby Show” days, but on “Martin,” he was the uber-stupid but lovable Cole Brown.

And as always, be prepared to click (so don’t complain)..

But it wasn’t until he played insane Martin Payne that he blew up.

Martin's worried when Gina's role in a play requires that she kiss another man, but when the actor is injured, Martin stands in -- creating an outrageous version of "Romeo and Juliet" for a benefit performance.

Gina's got her heart set on a romantic weekend, but Martin is determined to watch his ball game.

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