Sienna miller dating kanye west

Stay tuned for this saga's next edition when we learn that Sienna is carrying Ben's lovechild..better yet, twins!

Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller held hands even when the cameras weren't rolling on the 'Live By Night' set.

It feels like just yesterday we were being told that Ben and Jen are adopting twins to save their relationship, but now the tabloids are singing a different tune.

Apparently not only is the newly clean shaven Ben"Ben's had Sienna in his sights for a while.

They're really flirty on set," a source tells the mag, but, "Right now Ben just wants to keep things casual so he can concentrate on his children.

He's not looking for anything serious."Well, we certainly believe the latter half of that sentence.

The edgy fashion icon needs no introduction—but you may not recognize her seatmate right away.At first glance, this photo may look a little more 2004 than 2016.But, that dateline's not a typo: Paris Hilton is back on the scene.Legendary fashion plate Iris Apfel was spotted between stylist Elysze Held and Whoopi Goldberg at the Carmen Marc Valvo Women's and Men's Collection Spring/Summer 2016 show during New York Fashion Week. Her mini meltdown—staged between Beyoncé and Anna Wintour, no less—made the rounds on Twitter.A festival celebrating emerging writers will showcase a new play charting the “second coming” of global icon Kanye West.

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