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Put Trump and Paul Ryan in the ring and maybe I'll tune in…but I couldn't gin up the slightest interest in whether Mc Gregor beat Mayweather or Mayweather beat Mc Gregor.

I've never had much interest in any event that is basically two people hitting each other.

Later, they're attacked by Red Tornado, but Supergirl came to rescue them.

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She is the second daughter of Sam Lane and the younger sister of Lois Lane. until the Martian received a presidential pardon and was re-instated to said position.

After the holidays, Lucy told James that her father, General Sam Lane, was coming to town and wanted to have dinner with them.

After he agreed, Lucy left, passing by Kara on her way out and thanking her for the "invite" since, as James later explained he invited Lucy to their regular game night at Kara's apartment.

Robbie Amell had some fun teasing his cousin Stephen on Twitter today!

When Stephen took to the social media site to slam people criticizing an unflattering photo, Robbie decided to pipe in.

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